Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Where to begin?

I'm in Paris.

The 2012 Presidential Elections are going on; the other day while Kate and I were walking by the Opera, there was a large gathering listening to Marine Le Pen in the square.  It was unlike anything I've ever heard and it was glorious.  I couldn't understand everything she said, but she kept talking about 'La France' and returning to what France was, making jokes about Sarkozy and the crowd would laugh and cheer and chant.  I wished I could stand around all afternoon and listen, and I would have had Kate not been with me; had we not other things to see before she left Paris.  I know very little about the political process in France, but I get the feeling Sarkozy is scrambling and I'm not certain he'll win this one.  It's not so much that Hollande will change France significantly, but that the French believe someone new should be in power; Thank God they've got democratic elections now; I prefer that to chanting that leads to bloodshed or something.  I don't know how much presidents change in France because they don't do much in the United States necessarily, things change so slowly at home.  But its the idea of who is representing your country.  As for our own elections, I both sincerely hope and legitimately think that Americans are not angry enough with Obama not to re-elect him.  I'll have to follow these elections here in Paris a little more closely as its a big deal right now.    I do better with hard copies, so maybe I'll have to pick up a newspaper somewhere.

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