Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Proposal: Preliminary Plans for Post-field Application

Preliminary Plans for Post-field Application
            As I graduate in August, I have no specific academic plans that apply to my Field Study, though I have the possible option of presenting my field work at BYU Inquiry Conference hosted by Field Studies in Winter 2013.  However, I do have long-term goals of continuing with graduate studies in the field of American Studies and I think this Field Study research will help me have an experience that is particular to my interests and that may stand apart in my graduate studies applications.  Furthermore, I hope that this experience will inform future decisions and interests, particularly as it applies to what I decide to study in a future graduate career.
            What I hope for most in following through with this Field Study, however, is that it will give me experience and inspiration for how to apply the skillsets needed for cross-cultural studies and immersion to everyday life.  I would like to continue to travel internationally, and I would like to continue taking into account the benefits and limitations of each culture I come in contact with, including my own, as I develop cross-cultural relationships.  I also hope this experience to enrich me creatively, and give me inspiration for those creative outlets which I crave.  I hope that the experiences I have on my Field Study, the work I do, and especially the writing I do will continue to shape and hone my publishable work. 

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