Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Course Contracts

This week has been crazy.  I knew it'd be that way but somehow homework just isn't mattering at the moment. I've been talking to professors this week, trying to get Course Contracts in order.  I've got my primary mentor Dr. Rowan which is glorious, and he is a professor I very much enjoy working with, which is even greater.  He has got me interested in urban studies, which perhaps I'll have to look into a little more for the future.

I wish I were a historian.

So my class with my mentor will be a urban studies class, something about how to write about music in the city, something to get me out into the city.  Dr. Matthews suggested something like a Cultural Geography, and the tracing of ideas, which I really like.  We'll see how that works out.  He sent me a lot of syllabi to look at to see what I'm interested in.  He's flexible, fair, but also I know he'll push me to think in certain ways, which I like.

I'm thinking about doing an Intro to Jazz course or Jazz something course with another professor and got a few names from Dr. Matthews, which I'll be working on.  But I still feel relieved for having one down and one to go.  Though I'm fairly worried about my living situation, which still isn't figured out.

But there's an update on life right now, which frankly is all I have time for.

Signing off.

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