Thursday, January 12, 2012

vingt-cinq questons.

1.)       How do I effectively meld a French FS with an American Studies major? No clue.
2.)       How France influenced America? Post WW1
3.)       How America influenced France? Coca-Cola and Foreign Relations.
4.)       What are current affairs of French-American relations?
5.)       What do the French—Parisians think of us? Boring.
6.)       What about Post WWI is interesting?  Expatriates.
7.)       American Expatriates—Writers. Artists.
8.)       What about French?
9.)       How the French influenced these writers and artists?
10.)   How the writers and artists subsequently influenced Americans?
11.)   Americans in Paris, though? Overdone.
12.)   What about Post WW1 African-American servicemen?
13.)   Influence in the States?  Jazz.  What about writers?
14.)   So What about African-Americans in Paris?
15.)   What about them?
16.)   Why did they leave the States?  Obvious.
17.)   More pointedly, why did they come to Paris/France in general?
18.)   What kind of freedoms did they find?
19.)   In what ways did French culture influence them?
20.)   What were some of their writings?
21.)   How do their writings/music/art influence the American scene?
22.)   If they don’t, how could their existence influence American Studies in retrospect?
23.)   What about these African-Americans is American?
24.)   What about them is now ‘French?’
25.)   What do the melding of these two cultures, and the freedoms found in France versus those found in America alter our perceptions of American values which go by the same name, but which are communicated in different, sometimes contradictory ways?

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