Sunday, May 24, 2009

Milkshakes at 10:30

Isn't that so like us?

"Milkshakes at 10:30" is perhaps the best phrase I can think of to epitomize my three roommates and I (Colleen, Marissa and Janice were my roommates sophmore year of college). But further than that, it's this trait I have--to fit things into the cracks of life because the day is just never long enough.

I thought of "Milkshakes at 10:30" when Marissa and I were doing our apartment year-end, move-out cleaning for cleaning checks and we decided to have milkshakes in what seemed to us the dead of night. We both had relatively early classes and liked to be in bed by 10. In reality, that night, it was probably 11 or 11:30 since we'd been up cleaning. But every girl knows that Milkshakes at 10:30--while a great idea for morale--is an awful idea for our figures. But it was the end of the year, we didn't care, and we had milk and ice cream in the fridge/freezer. Also another trait of mine: nothing should be allowed to go to waste if you can help it. At 10:30, or whatever time it was, we decided we could help it. And thus we had milkshakes.

I can't remember these milkshakes being better than other milkshakes we'd had in the past. In fact, if anything, they were less than mediocre. But we were together, and it would be one of the last girls' nights we'd have for a long time--since she was getting married in the summer and I was going off to London in the Fall. We were cleaning, but it was a girls' night none-the-less.

Things are really changing. When things change you're forced to look at your life with a little more introspection than you might have before you realized the change was taking place. I'm turning 20 in a little over two weeks. Perhaps anyone older than that reading this post will think it insignificant and paranoid that it scares me. But if you really know me, the fact that it scares me is fitting, understandable, and significant.

I'm awaiting the new FOX TV show "Glee." They've already aired the Pilot and plan to air the rest of the 1st season in Fall. In words similar to Rachel Berry's: I know I'm just a sophmore but I can feel the clock ticking away and I don't want to leave my teens with nothing to show for it.

Maybe, like Dave Ray suggested, this is the first step.

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